Who Are The Management Guys?

The Printing/Graphic Arts Industry has always been challenging, but in recent years, changing technology, customer expectations, and manpower resources have all increased the difficulty of successfully operating companies in this complex environment.  But every year, a group of companies in the industry consistently outperform the rest, what PIA terms “profit leaders.”  What makes these companies able to be so financially successful, when so many others are struggling?  Is it better equipment?  Is it more sophisticated sales and marketing?  Is it special customers?

The Management Guys (“TMG”) have worked with many of these industry leaders for a very long time, have observed what makes firms successful, and what holds them back, and have learned that the real “secret sauce” for these profit leaders is simple.  They understand how their businesses really work and this enables them the right decisions. They know how their decisions will affect their bottom lines, and they move quickly to make those decisions and to implement them.

What do they do?

TMG helps its clients to focus on the keys to financial success in the Printing Industry, converting the most pressing questions faced by owners and top managers to the simple question: How will my decision change my bottom line, and why?  With this information in hand, our clients are able to make better decisions, hopefully moving into that elite group, the Profit Leaders.

We can do this because we’ve worked with literally hundreds of firms over nearly 40 years to answer the same questions printers face today.

Meet the Team

Lindgren Headshot

Bob Lindgren


Bob began his career in printing in Chicago over 50 years ago, after earning his MBA in accounting and finance from the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago.  Following his service as a accounting manager for a Chicago based printer, Bob joined the staff of Printing Industries of Illinois, and began a career of over 40 years advising printers, first in the Midwest, then in the nation’s largest industry group, Printing Industries of America – Southern California, where Bob currently holds the title of President/CEO Emeritus of Printing Industries of America. He has advised printers both in Southern California and the Midwest for more than four decades.


Gerry Michael


Gerry Michael is a CPA/consultant who has focused his practice on the printing industry for nearly 35 years, first as the founder of GA Michael & Company, a west coast consulting/accounting firm with clients from San Diego to the Canadian border, and later as Graphic Arts lead partner at Carlson Advisors, based in Minneapolis, MN.  Recently he served as consulting principal with the firm of Falco, Sult, Inc., and works with printers across the country on management and strategic planning issues, as well as merger/acquisition engagements.  Gerry is a frequent speaker at industry meetings, and contributor to various industry publications.

The decision that must be made is....

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