The Management Guys Philosophy

At TMG, we approach every client engagement with the same goal – how do we provide support that will improve the clients’ profits, or cash flows, or hopefully both!  Our focus is on ownership/senior executive level questions and challenges, not day to day concerns.  We seek to provide our clients with an understanding of what the keys to profitability in their firms are, not with narrow responses to detailed questions.  Areas in which we have added real value over the years include the following:

Dynamic Pricing

Helping our clients turn pricing into a powerful competitive strength that can drive profits.

Equipment Investments

Ensuring that client dollars are invested in technology and capabilities that generate profits and cash flows, while managing risk.

Exit Strategies

Assisting our clients to identify value-building techniques for their businesses, and to plan and successfully implement exit plans that work.

Financing Decisions

Providing our clients with financing alternatives and plans that best meet their needs, and that take advantage of the financing markets as they exist at any point.

Sales Compensation Planning

Assisting clients to create compensation plans for sales staff that both focus sales efforts on what works best for the company, while at the same time providing competitive compensation for top producers.

The decision that must be made is....

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