The Economy Will Restart

The economywill restart—sooner rather than later. The business that you spent your life building must restart as well. Restarting, though, will not be like turning a light switch, Right now, you should be reaching out to your customers and prospects to let them know that you care and that you want to support their return. Ask them what they see and what their plans are. Listen carefully to what they say and learn from it. What do they think they will need? What do they see as their restart areas? How do they think they’ll be running again?Learn and plan from what you hear from them. Start thinking on the first things you need to focus on in your restart. Who is coming back to work? How are your suppliers doing? If you have cash flow problems—work with your suppliers and banker now. They need you back and operating or they’ll never see their money.

Working out the right path won’t occur if you’re not talking.When new work becomes possible, make sure that you get it as quotes that don’t turn into sales aren’ta restart. Work with customers as their cashtight is tight as well. This is a good time to remember that we areall in this together.–Leslie and Bob

Sales Is Best Defined As Helping Clients Succeed

Sales is best defined as helping clients succeed. When we help our clients succeed, we succeed as well. In times like these, it is easy to start thinking about and acting on what is important to us, our quota, our commission, our eeds. Clients can sense this immediately and will back away.

  • Your Plan: Review your current sales plan.Make sure it aligns with the updated company sales strategy. Adjust where required, and then get after it.And remember, spend most of your time LEARNING. The market has likely changed (on both a collective and individual client basis), so your consultative sales interviews should include a massive component of market research.
  • Client account review: Start with your existing customers. Seek to understand. Learn about each of their concerns. Is there anything you might do to help? Many will openly embrace support in deciding how to navigate in these uncertain times.Be their go-to trusted advisor.
  • Segment Markets: Has the New Normal created any major areas of concern for your prospects and customers? Now is the best time to contact all of your existing customers to show them how much you care, to learn what THEY are doing to weather the storm, and to evaluate whether or not there is anything you might do to help.
  • New Ways to Engage: Discover how to make deliver meaningful conference calls and video meetings. Learn how to develop and strengthen relationships in the new ‘normal’. Helping a client grow and improve their own business is always a much greater differentiator than offering a product or service itself. Salespeople that approach conversations in this manner will always get preferential treatment when the time comes for a purchase decision.--Leslie


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